Your Most Valuable BAG

by Paul Washington Uduk

This article is a sequel to a pre-existing article. Click here to read that article. Or you can just continue reading. But its better you start with that article here. (Don't say I didn't tell you. Read that article here)

My BAG seemed full. So, where did my emptiness come from? From what I perceived. It was beautiful and had only the most amazing things in it. How come I had never notice these things? Did I really need a wake up call to be reminded? First of all. Here stood all these people. Most of which I didn't know. Showering me with so much concern, it brew shame in me. Shame from the fact that I didn't reach out enough. Shame from the fact that in my sense of strength, I still remained as vulnerable as any living thing on earth. But, their smiles put the shame at bay and gratitude for a second chance made me happier.
So as I sat in the traffic waiting for it to clear, I remained calm and happy. Happy counting my Blessings, acknowledging my Accomplishments and blissfully pursuing my Goals.

*    *    *      *
Based on the foregoing story, its easy for us to get overwhelmed by the happenings of things around us, undermine our abilities and become blinded to our purpose. For that reason I beckon unto you to keep the most valuable meaning of BAG hung over you and keep its content handy at all times.

B-Blessing; Count your Blessings. Literally count them! Especially in cases where you feel utterly hopeless. You will be surprise at what will be added to you.

A-Accomplishment; Acknowlegde your Accomplishments. Many of us do not realise that we are constantly changing and who we were just five minutes ago is different from who we are now and we have absolutely no idea what will happen just five minutes from now. So rather than fussing about where/what you are "suppose to be", pull out your accomplishment file (from memory or from symbolic representations) and just bask in the glory of whatever good thing you've acheived.

G-Goals; Pursue your goals. L. Ron Hubbard is known to have said "No man is happy without a goal, and no man can be happy without faith in his own ability to reach that goal" Pursue worthy goals, in time they'll become accomplishments that will shower you with blessings!



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