Chopping Boards, Colours and Your Health

by Lawrence Obiefule

Imagine walking into a kitchen and you spot a set of bright-colored plastic chopping boards properly arranged on the kitchen shelves. The sight of the kitchen gives you that feeling of just wanting to say "wow". The professionalism is glaring and it leaves you in admiration. But then you stop to think, why someone would have that many chopping boards? especially when its not an industrial kitchen. 

Did you know that the chopping boards are "color coded"? Each colored board is used to process a particular group or kind of food item so that the risk of cross contamination which can lead to food poisoning and even death  is reduced to its minimal.

Yellow, Red, White, Blue, Green, and Brown are the UK standard color codes for chopping board.

·    Yellow chopping boards are to be used for cooked meat; for instances where you might want to de-bonealready cooked meat for some special recipes.

·     Red chopping board for raw meat (raw meat is almost always red so it should be easy to remember most importantly, because any contamination from raw meatcan be quite toxic).

·     White chopping boards for bread and dairy products (cheeze and frozenbutter block).

·      Blue chopping board for raw fish.

·      Green chopping boards for salads and fruits.

·       Brown chopping boards for raw vegetables especially those directly from the soil (pumpkin leaves ).

A color filled life might just be the healthy one required for you. Add color to your kitchen and so much health to your life with just chopping boards, a long healthy life is packed in simple healthy kitchen practices.

Thanks for reading.

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