Have i lived a horseless life? (part 2)

by Biodun Laaro

"We pulled to a stop at the front of my house and I beheld what I describe as the most unfortunate sight so far this year"
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I came back that day to find the horse a few meters further down the street away from my house, the diseased leg however had begun to bleed as trickles of blood ran down its leg forming a collection of dark spots in the sand where it dropped.

This was sad however, i immediately called Lola we spoke at length on this issue and she mentioned how her team recently acquired a consignment containing high-tech medical utilities for treating horses, I was relieved knowing that this horse had hope of survival. She asked that I forward my address to her so she’d have her team to be at my place the following day to have the horse, right before the call ended she also asked that I forward a picture of the horse so she’d know what she’s dealing with.

I went upstairs feeling exhausted and slept off almost immediately. I got to work the next day Lola called at midday, rather upset that I hadn’t sent my address so she could send her team and being that I told her I’d noticed this horse since Monday and this was Thursday, by her passion for this cause, Lola showed up at my office 10minutes late asking that we leave immediately.

I drove as fast as I could with the bus dedicated to her foundation following us in tow. I work in Lekki as well so we were at my place in no time. Driving unto the street I couldn’t spot the horse in the position it had been standing all week, the same spot I had seen it that morning as I drove out of the house, I looked over to Lola and said to her that its probably a good sign as the horse hasn’t been able to move all week.

We pulled to a stop at the front of my house and I beheld what I describe as the most unfortunate sight so far this year, a few meters away from house the Horse laid lifeless.

Lola rushed out of the car letting a shrill cry as she signalled the team from the bus behind to come assist her quick, in no time she had strapped on her gloves and put a stethoscope to motionless body of the horse. She stood up slowly pulling the stethoscope from her ears and asked that her team put the dead remains of the horse behind the truck and have it incinerated.

I watched helplessly from the seat of my car, momentarily I was joined by Lola who said to me “Biodun this is on you, do you realise that a life could have been saved here today, but for your procrastination Biodun, this is sad”. 

We drove away and I barely said a word all through.

It’s safe to say that i have learnt my lesson, I sit to write this article realising the ripple effects of activities in my life that must have been influenced negatively as a result procrastination at random points.

For its been said many times many ways, a stitch in time saves nine.


  1. Hw sad and touching...learnt stuffs ....nice one.... cheers


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