Swimming with the clouds in a Chaotic World.

by Paul Washington Uduk

I have been thinking for a while now on what to write about. "Amidst the clouds" recently popped into my mind and at that moment I completely forgot about the agitation and simply imagined what it would be like to float freely with the clouds on a clear beautiful day. 

It reminded me of a moment I had suddenly collapsed and came to with a bleeding chin with absolutely no recollection of what had happened. That moment; as I recall is the most peaceful period I have experience through the duration of my continued life. Nothing else mattered at that point. All my "pursuits" and "goals" were completely useless at that drop. All I had was myself in a perfectly quiet blank space that seemed to peacefully radiate freedom and tranquility. What came to mind when I came to was the importance of "self" and how important it is to stay connected to the right source on a spiritual level.

There are times when 'rough' seems to be all that the world has left to offer: rough times, tough community, tough annoying spouses, irritating friends, etc. Its quite easy to get consumed by all these things and lets things slide, only to be given a wake up call by a most regrettable circumstance that makes you realize you are not where you would like to be and need to turns things around. Why wait until that happens? Rather than focus on the bad and ugly about your current conditions, take a walk on a clear day and and look into the sky. Spot a cloud as it glides effortlessly along. Imagine being on that cloud. Just immense yourself in the thought of floating on such a cloud. You may ask. What if its raining? I would ask you to imagine what it's going on above that raining cloud; things are not always as they seem.

Have you counted your blessings? Start Counting! Have you read something inspiring? Get your bible! Or an equally inspiring book. Have you been bombarded by the chaos of the world? Picture that peaceful cloud.

How do you handle the challenges that bombard your life? Feel free to leave your thoughts as comments below.

Thanks for reading!

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