The First lady knows; There is God... Oh!

Nigeria has been trending recently for all the wrong reasons. The most popular ailment is propagated through media by #BringbackourGirls and the world has done tremendously in lending a helping voice to Nigeria. 

A recent happening involving the first lady of Nigeria seems to be gaining more popularity. I had the pleasure of watching the video in which she addressed “the world” and cried through most of it. It was amusing to watch because I couldn’t stop myself from laughing even though she addressed an issue that should know no hint of laughter. One sentence that did stand out in the video perhaps due to its constant repetition was “There is God… Oh!!!”

The reason I can even begin to bother myself as to what the first lady has to say is because we finally agree on something “There is God… Oh!!!” But, I couldn't help but ask. Who exactly was she crying to? God? The perpetrators of the heinous crimes that have rocked Nigeria for so long? or the Chibok Principal who stood there with a bland expression on her face? And, why was she crying? Was she really hurt that the girls were abducted or that her husband's office has proven ineffective in handling Nigeria's issues or does she feel her husband is being victimized by corrupt and powerful leaders who vowed he would not see peace during his rule. Perhaps the abduction of the girls was the height since it is absolutely callous to capture innocent girls and the incident has been blown into appropriate proportions to the world to see that her husband has not delivered satisfactory results on maintaining order. How embarrassing.

I have heard countless times that President Goodluck Jonathan is doing his best, which I have chosen to believe. I sometimes wonder how he can do his best when he gets negative feedback from roughly 75% of over 150 million Nigerians. 

Nigeria has more churches than I think necessary with "Christians" that pray regularly. I would have to ask. Who are they praying to? If it’s really God; why isn't he answering? Is there anyone advocating for prayers to be done differently? Perhaps he is answering but we are too distracted to notice. Who knows?

Growing up in a Christian family, one thing that stuck to my mind was that God is everywhere. Initially, this scared me. I felt as though I was being constantly watched. Even though I still feel like I’m being watched constantly, I’m not scared anymore. I feel everyone need act in a manner that is approving of God in THOUGHTS, WORDS AND ACTION and adhering to that obligation begins with me. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I don’t expect people to drop non-productive habit in a day. In that light, I usually don’t understand why some expect to wake up and see that Nigeria has become Utopia overnight. They complain and nag about the affairs of things and are utterly blind to the fact that absolutely no solution comes forth from such behaviour. There are some things I perceive from the current state of affair that are utterly sickening. If I can do something about it no matter how little, I do. If I can’t I try not to resort to complaining. It does nothing but zaps energy, a valuable resource that can be used to think up solutions today for problems I may not have been able to solve yesterday.

There is God… Oh! If God is everywhere and can hear our every thought, wouldn’t it imply that we can converse with him with just thoughts? If God always answers our prayers, could it be that our conversions with him via thoughts are being answered as well? There is a strong correlation between the thoughts of our mind and words from our mouth. Ever wondered why the wisest man said "our of the heart comes the issues of life”? There must be a reason why he also said diligence must be applied in guarding and guiding that heart

I’m with the first lady on the premise that “There is God… Oh!” but he needs us in handling the issues of our lives. What are u currently thinking?!


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