Your Environment May Be What is Holding You Back

The picture above captures hedge plants I had planted in the first week of May (both plant come from the same root I had broken into two). I had placed A in the ground certain that it would flourish with the rainy season. And I had thrown B into a flower bucket because there was no longer ground for it in the garden. As the weeks went by, I was struck by the dissimilarities of the two plants: how A struggles with growth while B blossoms as a growing beauty with so many leaves.

This morning, it occurred to me that I had once planted water-leaves in the flower bucket, and to ensure abundant growth, I had stuffed the soil with manure (cow dung). The water-leaves were harvested and the soil in the bucket was left to lay fallow (weeded occasionally when sprouts began to look unsightly). 

It took but a moment to come to the conclusion that the two plants grow differently because they are rooted in different environments. And our environment plays a huge part in what we become. One environment might cause us to struggle and the another might cause us to flourish. 

Unlike the plants, we have the capacity to move, locate, and relocate to environments that would seem favourable. This led to questions:

How can we tell a favourable environment from and unfavourable one?

How can we tell if a particular favourable environment is suitable for us? 

How do we plant ourselves in suitable and favourable environments when we see one?

While I do not have the answers to these questions. I feel exploring them will offer valuable connections and insights to our philosophy of doing the best with what we have the best way we know how. 


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