How to make tasty pepper-soup

by Lawrence Obiefule

I was summoned last minute to go through a friend's party plan, I did and she had everything in place then I asked for her menu, I went through it and discovered that she hadn't any starter, I was surprised but she could be pardoned because she took it on herself to plan her party in other to reduce cost, but then I was around and the omission had been observed and i couldn't allow room for such an oversight so quickly I made an offal broth. The broth didn't only save the day from a major menu disaster it also had her guest thrilled.

Offal broth is popularly known as pepper soup. pepper soup has so many variants, as it is named according to the kind of offal or the kind of meat used, there could be a goat offal pepper soup or a goat meat pepper soup, same for cow, lamb and so on. Fish can be used too but it's just the flesh that is required, the internals are insignificant for pepper soup preparation.

Just in case the word offal is new to you it actually refers to the internal organs of a carcass; intestine, liver, kidney, sweet bread, heart & brain.

Things you will need for offal broth: Goat.
Pot Spatula/wooden spoon
Chopping boards
-Goat offal: 1 kg
-Chili pepper: to taste
-Onion: 1bulb
-Pepper soup mix (it is a special milled mix of calabash nutmeg, “uziza” seeds and “uda” can be gotten from the market): 2 tbsp
-Scent leave shredded: a handful
-Mayonnaise: 1 tsp (optional if u want a cream feel to the soup)

-Boil the offal until soft and tender
-Add onions, pepper soup mix and pepper allow for about 5mins
-Add scent leaves and mayonnaise and leave for 1 min the soup is ready to be served with croutons or bread rolls.
Note: Tripe is tough in nature so it should be boiled until soft and tender before adding the rest if the meat.

The fact that the name is pepper-soup doesn't say it should be extra spicy; other flavours should blend in nicely with the chilly.
Its funny how these little treats we enjoy at leisure could hold more potential than just being basic meals, it’s known that a bowl of pepper-soup works wonders for coughs and flu.

Now it’s important to consume with caution and enjoy to the fullest. Oh and make sure you have a hankie close by.

Have a fab week ahead and don’t forget to treat yourself to life’s little indulgencies.


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